Working with Notebooks in DSX

Data Science Experience is a complete platform for learning, building and collaboration. There are different features to enhance your learning experience. Let's explore some of the »

Run DSX Notebooks on Amazon EMR

Since launching Data Science Experience in June of 2016, we've received a lot of feedback from data scientists. One piece of feedback we heard frequently was »

New Navigation in DSX

Designing navigation of a platform is like laying the foundation for your house. Failure to plan this foundation properly could put your building at risk of »

GitHub integration available!

We are excited to announce the integration of GitHub with the IBM Data Science Experience to enhance the collaboration between data scientists. Now you can combine »

Thank you for a great 2016

Thank you for helping us make 2016... Epic! 🚀 Here were some of the highlights: We released IBM Data Science Experience in June in San Francisco. The »