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Easy JSON Loading and Social Sharing in DSX Notebooks

Working with notebooks in Data Science Experience just became easier with the release of two new features!

Easy JSON Loading

First, we listened to your feedback and made it much easier to load JSON data from Object Storage. Now you can click on any JSON file inside a notebook to get options for inserting with the following options:

Python Notebook
  • Pandas DataFrame
  • Spark SQL DataFrame
  • Spark RDD
  • Insert Credentials
R Notebook
  • R base DataFrame
  • Spark SQL DataFrame
  • Insert Credentials

We now support CSV and JSON, more formats will be coming as well.

Social Sharing on Twitter and LinkedIn

I'm also very happy to announce we now support social sharing of DSX notebooks on both Twitter and LinkedIn. Using this feature you can still choose what content you want to share from your notebook.

With one-click I shared my notebook with my followers:

Try out these features and let us know what you think. If you don't have a DSX account already you can sign up for free at

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