Use your favorite programming language, tap into the latest open source tools, and take advantage of IBM innovation and expertise to deliver exceptional results.
Organize analytic and data assets into projects so you can share work with collaborators.
Work seamlessly with your team with document comments and sharing.
One workspace
Access our dynamic set of tools from one place; never leave the workspace.
Easy access to what you need
Use the embedded maker palette to access data, tutorials, and documentation while you code.
What’s in a project?
Combine assets into a project for easy collaboration.
Analytic Assets
Use notebooks today to analyze data. Canvas and pipeline coming soon.
Data sets
Include data sets from the community or other sources.
Scheduled jobs
Schedule future jobs or review the results for complete ones.
Save direct links to your favorite notebooks, tutorials, articles, and data sets.
See who can access the project.
Watson Machine Learning
Use your own data to create, train, and deploy self-learning models. Leverage an automated, collaborative workflow to drive intelligence into day-to-day business applications easily and with more confidence.
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IBM Watson Machine Learning guides you through the steps to create, train, evaluate, and deploy based on your desired outcome.
Select the algorithms best suited for your needs, or get help selecting the ones that would work best for your data.
Test and deploy your models as APIs for application development, share with colleagues, and retrain as needed.
Select your data sources, review the data to ensure it's right for your needs, and prepare it for analysis. Select transformers and watch the pipeline being created as you work.
Train and Validate
Train the model, validate the results, and check your model's performance. Take advantage of our easy to understand visualizations to evaluate your model and its performance.
Deploy your model as an API, as a batch process, or into a real-time stream. Easily create apps powered by machine learning, or make existing processes smarter.
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